Water JPI Implementation Plan 2017-2019 launched

The Water Joint Programming Initiative (Water JPI) Implementation Plan 2017-19 was launched during the Water JPI Advisory Boards meeting in Dublin on 23 March 2017. The document provides a roadmap for the upcoming planned Water JPI activities.

The Water JPI is dedicated to tackling the ambitious grand challenge of “achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad”. The purpose of the Water JPI Implementation Plan 2017-2019 is to guide the operations of the Water JPI.

The Implementation Plan specifies which of the research, development and innovation (RDI) needs, identified in the Water JPI Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) version 2.0, will be instigated via the Water JPI joint activities (e.g. calls, strategic and exploratory workshops, knowledge hubs, and alignment of national programmes). The Implementation Plan informs policymakers, RDI ministries, RDI programme owners and managers, RDI performers, and society at large how the Water JPI will tackle water challenges in the period 2017–2019. In addition, the Implementation Plan is a guide for researchers and innovators interested in participating in Water JPI activities. In particular, the Implementation Plan focuses on the development of the Water JPI, presents priority items that are to be implemented, permits planning ahead for agreed joint activities, lists specific goals for the three-year period, and outlines the efforts to be deployed.

Under its second implementation plan, the Water JPI will start new activities such as the alignment of national RDI programmes, the development of knowledge hubs on dedicated topics (the first one will address emerging contaminants), support access to key infrastructures and observatories while developing an action plan with the water economic sector, and a strategy for developing its international cooperation network.

Water Joint Programming Initiative Implementation Plan 2017-19 can be downloaded from the Water JPI website

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