Towards Partnership initiatives under Horizon Europe

Partnerships will be key in achieving impacts the Framework Programme alone cannot achieve. This requires a stronger role of the Commission in definition of objectives and programming. The structure proposed for the new FP, Horizon Europe (2021-2027), is built by three parts: Open Science, Global Challenges, and Open Innovation. Partnerships are, along regular calls for proposals, and Missions, the way in which thematic clusters of Global Challenges will be implemented.  

The Commission intends to explore ways of rationalising partnerships, improving their openness and transparency and link them with future EU R&I missions and strategic priorities. With a limited number of instruments (CSA, Co-fund, Article 185 and Article 187) and a coherent framework of criteria, Partnerships will be supported under one joint brand: European Partnership Initiatives. An ERAC working group on Partnerships recommended to develop and implement an objective and impact oriented life-cycle based criteria framework for all R&I partnerships, and to include strategic coordination process for R&I Partnerships in the design of the strategic programming of FP9. They stressed that the criteria framework needs to be fully operational before May 2019, in time when the strategic coordination process starts. ERAC further recommended the Commission to put in place transition mechanisms for potentially renewed partnerships, and to propose an operational design in close consultation with the Members States before the end of 2018.  

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