Starting dates projects 2nd ERA-MBT call “Biodiscovery - Bioactive molecules from the marine environment"

In the 2nd Marine Biotechnology ERA-NET (ERA-MBT) call entitled “Biodiscovery - Bioactive molecules from the marine environment”, five projects were selected for funding, with a total budget of € 5.8 million. After the submission date on 16 March 2016, 41 proposals were received, requesting a total of € 45 million. Five transnational collaborative R&D projects were selected for funding based on an international peer-review assessment of proposals and the possibilities of national budgets.

The main purpose of this call was to explore bioactive molecules in organisms from the oceans, including those from fishery  and aquaculture activity, or in materials which result from the processing of marine organisms. The aim is to further explore the potential and to provide compounds that offer chemical diversity and bioactive potency of value in meeting the needs of society.

More information on the projects can be read in the project factsheets (click on the title of the project):

BlueShell - Exploring Shellfish By-products as sources of Blue Bioactivities - starts in April 2017

- Marine Origin Biopolymers as Innovative Building Blocks from the Sea for the Development of Bioresorbable Multilayered Membranes for Guided Bone Regeneration - starts in April 2017

CYANOBESITY - Cyanobacteria as a source of bioactive compounds with effects on obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities - starts in May 2017

MARPLAST - Marine microorganisms for bioplastics production - started in March 2017

Novofeed - Novel feed ingredients from sustainable sources - started in February 2017

For more information: see ERA-MBT website

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