SCAR ARCH study on global implications of European Food Systems

SCAR Strategic Working Group ARCH commissioned a study on the global implications of the European Food Systems, in the frame of the SCAR CASA funds for studies. The report of the study (56 pages) entitled “Global implications of the European Food Systems – A food systems approach” completed by a team from Wageningen UR (Petra Berkhout, Thom Achterbosch, Siemen van Berkum, Hans Dagevos, Just Dengerink, Arie van Duijn, and Ida Terluin), is now available.

The study provides case studies of the effects of EU trade in three products – cocoa, soy and fish - on local food systems, based on social, environmental and economic indicators. This report focuses on the global dimension of the European food system, by zooming in on the trade relations between the EU and the rest of the world and the effects of this trade on local food systems. 

For more information about SCAR and download link of report see this page

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