Modernising the Common Agricultural Policy: EC sets up a public consultation round

Since its development in the early sixties, the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has undergone several reforms. Its objectives, as specified in Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome, are to increase agricultural productivity, fair living standards for farmers and fair prices for consumers, market stabilisation and guaranteed access to supplies. The latest reform of the CAP was decided on in 2013. Since then, it is argued whether that reform would be sufficient to adequately deal with the (societal) challenges  facing Europe and the world. At present, with the COP 21 Paris agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals, it is again time to review the CAP and align it (better) with other commitments and policy narratives like the circular economy, bioeconomy and food and nutrition security. As preamble to this CAP review, Wageningen University and Research provided a position paper Towards a Common Agricultural and Food Policy on the subject and shared their insights at the First Mansholt Lecture in Brussels in 2016. 

The process of modernising the current CAP starts with an impact assessment of its functioning. As part of the wider consultation process feeding into the assessment, the European Commission organises a public consultation which is open until the 2nd of May 2017.

The consultation questionnaire is available via this link.

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