Joint Workshop held on“Smart Mitigation of GHG in Livestock Production”

FACCE ERA-GAS, together with the ERA-NET SusAn, (Sustainable Animal Production Systems) and ERA-NET ICT-AGRI 2 (Information and Communication Technologies and Robotics for Sustainable Agriculture) organised a joint workshop on 29-30 November in Potsdam to identify promising approaches to reduce GHG emissions in livestock production. The joint workshop, the first of its kind involving three ERA-NETs, had close to 70 participants from 22 different countries. The three ERA-NETs have already identified a number of potential areas of synergy. This workshop explored one of those areas in detail: Comparison of animal production systems with respect to GHGs. Particular attention was paid to the following two sub-topics:

  • Production technology and management (e.g. housing systems; optimal field and grazing management)
  • Breeding, physiology, feed & nutrition

The outputs of the workshop will help to set the research priorities for future joint calls and other activities between the three ERA-NETs. Kees Lokhorst and Christine Bunthof of Wageningen University & Research participated in this workshop.

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