Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018

The German Bioeconomy Council will organise a second Global Bioeconomy Summit, which will take place in Berlin on 19-20 April 2018.

At the first Global Bioeconomy Summit, held in Berlin in 2015, more than 700 participants from 80 countries met to define how bioeconomy would best contribute to green growth, the sustainable development goals and to climate change mitigation and adaptation. The communiqué of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015, which was developed by an International Advisory Commitee and tabled at the summit, was highly appreciated and made the summit a widely recognised global event.

At the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018 appropriate strategies for further international cooperation will be considered. Detailed information about opportunities for participation will be shared in due course, and regestration will open soon.

For more information about the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2018, please go to the GBS2018 website. The communiqué, the full report and further documentation of the Global Bioeconomy Summit 2015 can be downloaded from the GBS2015 website.

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