FACCE SURPLUS second call: 8 research projects selected for funding

The second FACCE SURPLUS call focuses on small-scale biorefineries. Eight projects have been recommended for funding in  frame of this call, and research will begin in spring 2018.

ERA-NET Cofund FACCE SURPLUS on Sustainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems, is committed to improve collaboration across the European Research Area in the range of diverse, but integrated, food and non-food biomass production and transformation systems, including biorefining.

FACCE SURPLUS launched its second call, on small scale biorefineries, in January 2017. The call focuses on small-scale biorefinery concepts and their potential role in enhancing the sustainability and productivity of European agriculture, and benefiting the rural economy. Pre-proposal submission closed in March 2017. Twenty-one research projects were invited to submit a full proposal by July 2017. The proposals were evaluated by a peer-review panel consisting of academia representatives and stakeholders, in particular representatives from the industry. The evaluators estimated that a future interesting topic would be related to CO2 and nitrogen reduction, combatting low efficiency of food producing, and producing quality food with less input. Following the evaluators, also economic analysis and life cycle analysis should be more systematically applied in biorefinery concepts. In December 2017, eight projects were recommended for funding: FLEXIBI, CichOpt, HaloSYS, ABC4Soil, DEBUT, SUPERVALUE, PASS-BIO, Prowaste. The research areas range from optimal use and valorisation of biomass streams from Cichorium to biorefinering using halophyte species.

Two of the selected research projects involve project partners from the Netherlands: CichOpt (Wageningen University & Research) and SUPERVALUE (Delft University of Technology). CichOpt targets biorefinery concepts for sustainable use of all Cichorium biomass available. SUPERVALUE project will evaluate the possibility of using a small-scale biorefinery concept based on a supercritical water gasification (SCWG) system to convert wet residual streams from agricultural primary production in the broad sense, and (crop) transformation sector into a valuable combustible gas and both liquid and solid streams from which the elements P, N, Mg and possibly others will be extracted and recovered.

The FACCE SURPLUS 2nd call research projects will be commonly kicked off in Germany in November 2018, together with the common end-term meeting of the projects from the first call. 

More information about the funded projects can be found on the FACCE SURPLUS website

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