European R&I instruments for partnerships need more openness, cohesion and transparency

This is the main conclusion from the recently published study on research and innovation partnerships carried out by the Technopolis group. The study investigates the effectiveness and impact of both Public-to-Public (P2P) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) in view of their ability to create more cohesion and European added value.

According to the report, the current partnerships landscape is too complex, resulting in higher costs and inefficiency. It is not always clear what the added value and impact of partnerships are; as supporting data to assess this is largely not available. Besides urging the Commission and the Member States to simplify the current landscape, the report suggests seven recommendations to improve transparency and openness of partnerships. These range from setting systematic framework for monitoring, setting KPI’s and establishment of common processes to reducing the number of instruments and redesigning these to be as dynamic as possible; with long-term common agenda’s and short-term project commitments.

The report Increased coherence and openness of European Union research and innovation partnerships can be downloaded here.

The study was commissioned to support the EU Council discussions on the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 during the Estonian Presidency. Its recommendations also feed into the FP9 discussions and are to be adopted by the end of the Presidency.

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