EIP-AGRI calls for ideas for Focus Group themes

As part of the EIP-AGRI networking activities at least 5 new Focus Groups start their work every year. Soon there will be decided on Focus Group themes for 2018 and EIP-AGRI very much appreciate the input of ideas. If you have an idea for an issue or question whether a Focus Group could be the right tool to spark innovation, please complete the form on the EIP-AGRI website before the end of April.

EIP-AGRI Focus Groups
The purpose of a Focus Group is to explore practical innovative solutions to problems or opportunities in the field, and to draw on and share experience from relevant innovative projects. The EIP-AGRI Focus Groups also discuss and document research results, best practices and identify the implications for further research activities that will help to solve practical problems in the sector. These may be related to production, processing, consumption, transport or other issues.

In short, the objectives of an EIP-AGRI Focus Group are:

  • Taking stock of the state of the art of practice in the field of the EIP-AGRI Focus Group activity, listing problems and opportunities;
  • Taking stock of the state of the art of research in this field, summarising possible solutions to the problems listed;
  • Identifying needs from practice and possible directions for further research;
  • Highlighting priorities for innovative actions by suggesting potential practical Operational Groups or other project formats to test solutions and opportunities, including ways to disseminate the practical knowledge gathered.

More information about how Focus Groups work and their expected results can be found in the EIP-AGRI Focus Group charter and the Focus Group brochure.

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