C-IPM: descriptions nine new research projects available

In December 2016 C-IPM selected nine new research projects for funding from the second C-IPM call  for proposals 2016. The descriptions of the nine new research projects that will be funded from the C-IPM second call for proposals 2016 can now be found on the C-IPM website*

Specialty crops such as apples, tomatoes and peppers, and cereals such as wheat are on the menu in the list of new projects. The cosortia will investigate avenues of approach to integrated pest management such as biological control, IT solutions, detection tools, Drosophila suzukii, and integrated systems approaches.

For an overview: the list of selected projects can be found on the C-IPM website as well.

*: The projects are described in the nine news items with the subheading 'research news', starting from the news item of 9 February 2017 on "Tiny, shiny assistants may help farmers combat weed" until the news item of 24 March 2017 on "Know your tiny enemy".

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