The Bioeconomy Report 2016 has been published

The Bioeconomy Report 2016 has been published, together with an infographic that provides key figures from the report on jobs and turnover in the Bioeconomy. This report is the first Joint Research Centre’s science for policy report addressing the bioeconomy across its sectors as well as from cross-cutting angles such as bioeconomy policies, legislation and funding, jobs, growth, and the environment.

The report intends to inform EU policymakers as well as policymakers in Member States, associate and third countries, in particular in the light of the  ongoing review of the bioeconomy strategy.  Besides policy makers, the report is targeting interested stakeholders from research, industry and non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) and citizens.  

The Bioeconomy Report 2016 and the infographic can also be found on the Bioeconomy Observatory website of the European Commission.


The Bioeconomy Observatory is part of the European Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan. The Bioeconomy Observatory allows the Commission to regularly assess the progress and impact of the bioeconomy. The main activities of the Bioeconomy Observatory are data collection, data analyses and data dissemination through the Bioeconomy Observatory website.

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