BiodivERsA project published new policy brief on European gradients of resilience in the face of climate extremes

The BiodivERsA project SIGNAL has published a policy brief on European Gradients of Resilience in the face of Climate Extremes.

The brief states that extreme weather and the presence of invasive species can act as pressures threatening biodiversity, resilience and ecosystem services of semi-natural grasslands and drive them beyond thresholds of system integrity (tipping points and regime shifts). On the other hand, biodiversity itself may buffer ecosystem functioning and services against change. Potential stabilising mechanisms include species richness, presence of key species such as legumes and within-species diversity. These potential buffers can be promoted by conservation management and policy adjustments. 

The SIGNAL project was funded under the BiodivERsA 2011-2012 Call for proposals on the topic "Biodiversity dynamics: developing scenarios, identifying tipping points and improving resilience".

The SIGNAL policy brief "European Gradients of Resilience in the face of Climate Extremes"pdficon_small.png

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