Three JPIs are exploring options to support research on risks of pollutants and pathogens in water resources on human health and the environment

Via the Societal Challenge 5 (Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials) Work Programme 2018-2019, the European Commission (EC) invites proposals for an ERA-NET cofund which targets 'Risks posed to human health and the environment by pollutants and pathogens present in water resources'. The EC invites actions that shall support delivering on the priorities identified in the Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas (SRIAs) of the Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) on Water, Antimicrobial Resistance (JPI AMR), and Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans), in particular the thematic areas 'Developing Safe Water Systems for Citizens' of the Water JPI SRIA (specifically the subtheme 'Understanding and predicting the environmental behaviour and effects of by-products, pollutants and pathogens, including their environmental effects'), and 'Interdisciplinary Research for Good Environmental Status' of the JPI Oceans SRIA. They should also support the implementation of EU water policy.

The Water JPI, the JPI on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPI AMR) and the JPI Oceans are exploring options for answering to the call of the EC.

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