Strengthening collaboration for Europe's regional seas and oceans

On the 16th and 17th of May, a dedicated workshop was organised at the European Maritime Day to take the next steps for coordinated and proactive cross-basin cooperation in research and innovation. Long-term cooperation is seen as a vital step in ensuring the long-term sustainable ecosystem-based management of the European regional seas and oceans, in particular the Atlantic Ocean, Baltic and North Sea, Black Sea, and Mediterranean Sea. The five initiatives1 supporting coordination in these seas, presented the outcomes of the workshop to the audience at the end of the day. They underlined the importance of new specific knowledge, solutions and best practices and a multi-stakeholder approach in achieving the European Union’s objectives on development of sustainable blue economy and the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, they expressed their readiness to work together towards establishing strong, coordinated and endurable alliances.

1The five initiatives, all Coordination and Support Actions, are:

  • For the Atlantic Ocean: All AtlaNtic Coordination for Ocean Research and innovation Coordination and Support Action (AANChOR CSA) and Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance Coordination and Support Action (AORA CSA);
  • For the Batic Sea and North Sea: Baltic and North Sea Coordination and Support Action (BANOS CSA);
  • For the Black Sea: The Blue Growth Initiative for Research and Innovation in the Black Sea (Black Sea CSA);
  • For the Mediterranean Sea: BlueMed Coordination and Support Action (BlueMed CSA).

The workshop was organized by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT; coordinator of the AANChOR Coordination and Support Action); the Middle East Technical University; BONUS EEIG (coordinator of Baltic and North Sea Support and Coordination Action); and the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC).

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