Partnerships discussions continued in ERAC

In 2017, the Council Conclusions called on the European Commission and the Member States to jointly consider ways to rationalise the R&I partnership landscape, and to establish a long-term strategic coordination process for R&I Partnerships. To prepare this strategic coordination process, the European Research Area & Innovation Committee (ERAC) set up an ad hoc Working Group on R&I Partnerships. In 2018, four reports were published, investigating criteria, selection, coherence and rationalisation of the Partnership landscape. A fifth, final report has recently been endorsed at the Plenary meeting.

In addition, at this meeting, two documents presented by Commission Service were discussed. ERAC welcomed a proposed criteria framework for further defining and operationalisation, and a proposal for a strategic coordinating process for Partnerships, including the setting up of a ‘Forum for R&I Partnerships’. This Forum should provide advice and input to the European Commission, its Member States and Associated Countries on selection, composition implementation and accountability of Partnerships.  

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