‘Next Generation Science for Oceans’ funds two additional projects

Thanks to an increase in financial commitment by several national funding agencies, a further two proposals to the joint JPI Climate and JPI Oceans’ call have been awarded funding. These two research projects are in addition to the MEDLEY and ROADMAP projects, selected earlier through the same competitive call process. The new projects are:

EUREC4A-OA: Improving the representation of small-scale nonlinear ocean-atmosphere interactions in Climate Models by innovative joint observing and modelling approaches, and

CE2COAST: Downscaling Climate and Ocean Change to Services: Thresholds and Opportunities.


The results of the four projects should help to inform adaptation policy to increase resilience and adaptation measures for vulnerable areas, especially in coastal and low island areas. A joint kick off meeting for the projects is foreseen for June 2020 in Brussels.

 Read more on the JPI Climate or JPI Oceans websites.

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