New Strategic Research Agenda for JPI HDHL presented during their conference

The Joint Programming Initiative on A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life (JPI HDHL) has recently presented its new Strategic Research Agenda. It was presented during the JPI HDHL conference with as theme "Diet as a leverage point towards a healthy and sustainable food system" and was held on 20 February 2019 in Brussels. This third edition has been developed in a joint effort of the Scientific Advisory Board, Stakeholder Advisory Board and Management Board, identifying the key topics to deliver towards societal impact. In the new SRA the traditional research pillars have been changed into a model with three research areas, to further facilitate the integration of research. These three research areas form the core of the SRA: 1) Citizens, diet and behaviour; 2) Food for health, and 3) Diet, health and disease. Interconnectivity between these areas is an important strategic objective of the JPI.

Apart from research areas and key topics, the SRA also describes the vision of JPI HDHL on a number of important overarching themes, like FAIR data and the improvement of synergies between relevant networks and initiatives. The upcoming Implementation Plan 2019-2021 will be a translation of the new SRA into concrete funding and non-funding activities for the coming years.

More information on the HDHL website or read the SRA here.

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