New research under ‘Next Generation Science for Oceans’

The JPI Climate and JPI Oceans’ joint transnational call will fund two projects focused on oceans and climate interactions. The projects, expected to start in April 2020, will conduct research on these interactions by analysing model simulations and observational data. The aim is to better understand upper ocean variability and dynamics and ultimately improve the performance of climate models:

MEDLEY (MixED Layer hEterogeneitY) aims to evaluate the spatial heterogeneity of the ocean mixed layer dynamics and improve its representation in climate modelling to improve their accuracy and consistency;

ROADMAP (The Role of ocean dynamics and Ocean-Atmosphere interactions in Driving cliMAte variations and future Projections of impact-relevant extreme events) will investigate the influence of North Atlantic and North Pacific ocean surface variability on the extratropical atmospheric circulation, with a focus on high-impact weather and climate extremes under present-day and future climate conditions.

The results of the two projects should help to inform adaptation policy to increase resilience and adaptation measures for vulnerable areas, especially in coastal and low island areas. A joint kick off meeting for the projects is foreseen for June 2020 in Brussels.

Read more on the JPI Climate or JPI Oceans websites. 

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