New research 'towards sustainable and organic food systems' upcoming

The ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 and CORE Organic Cofund will be launching a joint call for transnational research on sustainable and organic food systems. The call was initiated under the premise that attaining future secure food and nutrition supply will require a transition from the current linear food production to sustainable, cyclical oriented systems on land and sea. Such systems also need to respond to consumers demand for a diverse, healthy, safe and attractive diet. Research proposals must create added value for sustainable and organic food systems in line with the objectives of both ERA-NETs. Applicants are encouraged to follow a multi-actor, multi-disciplinary and system approach in context of the call topics:

  • Topic 1: Resource-efficient, circular and zero-waste food systems 
  • Topic 2: Diversity in food from field to plate
  • Topic 3: Mild food processing
  • Topic 4: Sustainable and smart packaging

This joint research call will be funded by twenty-one funding partners from SUSFOOD2 / CORE Organic from eighteen countries and regions are committing approximately EUR 9.5 million.. Applicants from countries not participating in this call are welcome to be a partners in a research consortium on their own costs. The Netherlands is not participating in this call, which will officially be launched on September 2nd. The closing date for submission of pre-proposals will be November 4th. Closing date of full proposals will be March 27th 2020.

More information, including call documents, on the SUSFOOD2 or CORE Organic website.

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