New Research and Innovation partnerships announced under H2020

With the publication of the last H2020 Work Programmes, finalising the draft sections for 2020, a last sets of cofunded Public-to-Public (P2P) partnerships under the current Framework Programme is announced. A total of EUR 75 million is foreseen for these upcoming 10 ERA-NET Cofund networks. EUR million 45 is reserved for 8 new networks under the Societal Challenges pillar. Public-to-Public networks form an important part of the European Research Area. The latest annual report from ERA-LEARN indicated an existing number of over sixty active ERA-NETs, co-funded by the European Commission (EC). In addition, there are six active Article 185 initiatives and five active European Joint Programme Cofunds (EJP). These numbers will increase slightly as currently, several new Cofunds are in preparation. At the end of H2020, a total amount of over EUR 875 million has been invested by the European Commission in joint research cooperation in the form of ERA-NETs and European Joint Programmes (excluding two EUROATOM EJPs).  The total amount of funding for joint research mobilised through P2P cooperation is much higher, because the national funding involved should at least match the EC funding. In addition, it is not uncommon for P2P network to mobilise national funding for joint research without EC contribution after a first co-funded call.

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