Long term strategies of JPIs: strengthening links to increase impact

In June 2017, the ten Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs) presented their Long Term Strategies to the High-Level Group on Joint Programming (GPC), a dedicated configuration of the European Research Area and innovation Committee (ERAC). Following this presentation, a GPC Task Force was launched to analyse the Long Term Strategies in more detail. The analysis identifies good practices, challenges, cross-cutting issues and shared characteristics of the JPI Long Term Strategies. In addition, a set of grouped criteria for assessing JPIs was applied, and interconnectedness of JPIs with other players in the European Research Area and beyond was analysed. The report aims to enable JPIs to take a step forward with regard to their activities and the presentation of these activities.

JPIs have proven to be valuable elements of European research and innovation, playing important roles in implementing the European Research Area and in contributing to the Framework Programmes. A JPI is still an appropriate measure to deal with the societal challenges it addresses: many JPIs have become -or are well on their way to become- important players in their remit. Their programmatic approach is in sync with the mission-oriented approach in Horizon Europe’s ‘global challenges’ pillar, potentially offering opportunities to contribute effectively to these mission. The recognised challenges are to a large extent in line with the 2016 Hernani report. The (often not strong enough) commitment of Member States, resulting in a short ‘commitment window’ of 1-2 years is a concern for the sustainability of JPI actions. The highly heterogenous national R&I systems, representation of EU-13 Member States, involvement of all relevant stakeholder groups and participation of industry are the other main concerns.

The report contains seven detailed recommendations to JPIs, Member States and the European Commission, in order for the JPIs to reach their full potential. The main recommendation is to form a closer dynamical link between the JPIs, GPC, ERAC and MS under the lead of the Competitiveness Council, including a proactive role of the European Commission in the Joint Programming Process: “JPIs are well on their way to become major players in their respective domains for JPP and for win-win alignment, and have the potential to achieve much more if they were to get stronger high level political support”.

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