Jointly programming phytosanitary research

The Euphresco network, composed of European phytosanitary research programme owners and managers, is preparing new joint research. Its’ members have suggested potential topics for a 2019 call for research projects that are in line with the Strategic Research Agenda. Euphresco transnational research funding is considered most appropriate for applied research in relatively small projects of short to medium length duration - from one to three years - thus enabling rapid and customised answers for quarantine plant pests. The proposed ideas may lead to collaborations if they raise sufficient transnational interest and funds. Collaboration with non-Euphresco organisations (research institutes, universities, private companies and other plant health stakeholders) is encouraged.

The list with suggested topics is available at the Euphresco website.

Euphresco is a network that consists of around seventy organisations from over fifty different countries, including The Netherlands’ National Plant Protection Organization; Food and Consumer Products Safety Authority. It has been building strong relationships between partners during the course of two ERA-NETs. After finalisation of the ERA-NET Euphresco II in 2014, the network continued in a self-sustained manner, hosted within the European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO).

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