Joint research on Personalised Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases: call open

Neurodegenerative diseases are characterised by a large variability in their origins, mechanisms and clinical expression. One of the greatest challenges for treating neurodegenerative diseases is the deciphering of this variability. Precision Medicine is an emerging approach for disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment that takes into account such individual variability in genes, biological/molecular characteristics, along with environmental and lifestyle factors. 

The EU Joint Programme on Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) has chosen to focus international research collaboration on this specific area, through a joint call, launched on January 7th,in partnership with the European Commission. It invites proposals for ambitious, innovative, multinational and multidisciplinary collaborative research projects to change the trajectory of these debilitating diseases through the development of Precision Medicine approaches. 

The total made available for this call is EUR 24 million from all participating countries, with a top-up funding by the European Commission that could increase the total funding up to EUR 30 million. The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development is a funding partner is this call. Deadline for submission of pre-proposals is 12 March 2019.

More information, including call text, procedures and country-specific guidelines is available on the JPND website

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