Horizon Europe partnership preparation process speeding up

A new list prepared by the European Commission is showing forty-four possible topics for new partnerships in the upcoming Horizon Europe Framework Programme. The eight suggested partnership topics under Food, bioeconomy, natural resources, agriculture & environment, are:

  • Accelerating farming systems transition: agro-ecology living lab and research infrastructures;
  • Animal health: fighting infectious diseases;
  • Environmental observations for a sustainable EU agriculture;
  • Rescuing biodiversity to safeguard life on Earth;
  • Safe and sustainable food system for people, planet and climate;
  • A climate neutral, sustainable and productive blue economy;
  • Circular bio-based Europe: sustainable innovation for new local value from waste and biomass, successor to Bio-Based Industries;
  • Water4All: Water security for the planet.

Each possible topic includes suggestions for funding modalities and already existing initiatives that would fit under the topic. While one of the aims with the new partnerships is simplification of the European public-to-public (P2P) and public-private (PPP) landscape, this list may suggest merging already existing initiatives. The partnership preparation process seems to be speeding up. The strategic planning process between the Commission and a Committee of Member States (‘Shadow Programme Committee’) will continue during the next months. All member States have been given the opportunity to respond to a first draft list of partnerships and it is expected that a public draft will soon become available.

You can download the list with proposed topics following this link.

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