A heads up for World Microbiome Day 2020

On the 27th of June 2020, the second edition of World Microbiome Day will be organised. The 2020 theme will be ‘Diversity’; celebrating the diversity of microbes, microbiome habitats and diets to feed & fuel microbiomes. Part of the programme will be to introduce international microbiome researchers to the public-at-large in order to raise awareness of the vibrant and diverse world of microbes and microbiomes. 

The International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF), in which the EU collaborates with a number of countries globally on research strategy and collaborations, recognizes the importance of the microbiome as a research field. The IBF has a dedicated Working Group, supported by a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support action: MicrobiomeSupport.

Keep informed on World Microbiome Day and MicrobiomeSupport via the websites. 


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