The future of Cultural Heritage – a new partnership proposed

The Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage and Time Machine1 have signed and published a joint statement for a Research and Innovation partnership promoting the future of our Cultural Heritage. The two initiatives have decided to join forces in light of grand transformations like globalisation, changing demographics and the dominant position of private social media platforms that have effect on European cultural and democratic values and ‘sense of belonging’. In the statement, the networks advocate their alliance as combining a strong top-down commitment of Member-States with a bottom-up initiative from the key actors in the European cultural heritage landscape. As such, the proposed pan-European initiative, would be well-suited to address grand scientific and technological challenges in social sciences and humanities, natural sciences, ICT and artificial intelligence for the big data of the past. To this end, the alliance proposes a new Partnership under Horizon Europe, as “The partnership scheme offers the required large-scale research coordination in all relevant fields, since the extensive, long-term and sustained effort that is needed exceeds by far what can be achieved in typical national or European research and innovation projects”.  

Read the signed document here, or get more information on the website of JPI Cultural Heritage.

1The Time Machine consortium involves around 500 European institutions from 32 countries. These include 184 top research institutes, a large representation from galleries, libraries, archives and museums, large enterprises, innovative SMEs, institutional bodies and strong civil society organisations. Time Machine designs a large-scale digitisation and computing infrastructure that will enable Europe to turn its long history, as well as its multilingualism and multiculturalism, into a living social and economic resource for co-creating a common future.

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