P2P stimulates knowledge exchange through online training session

Euphresco is a network of organisations funding research projects and coordinating national research in the phytosanitary area. Phytosanitary laboratories are increasingly making use of DNA barcoding as a diagnostic tool. Euphresco funded the project "Use of barcoding, from theory to practice" (PRACTIBAR) to raise awareness on barcoding as a generic method for pest identification and to train experts. In frame of PRACTIBAR two training sessions were organised in Paris and Wageningen in 2017. In order to increase the communication between the trainers and the trainees the workshop participation was limited to sixteen scientists per session. For a wider audience to benefit from this initiative, videos of the training sessions were recorded and posted on YouTube. The playlist currently covers the following topics: "From genome to barcode", "Use of EPPO Standard", "DNA barcoding wet lab", "Assembly of sequence data", "Barcoding workflow", "Influence of PCR on sequencing", "Barcode of life data systems (BOLD)", "Online resources for DNA analysis, interpreting blast results", and "Multilocus introduction". Two more workshops will be held in October and December 2018.

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