ERA-NETs Bioenergy and BESTF3 will support research on combined biomass valorisation

ERA-NET Bioenergy and ERA-NET Cofund Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF3) are joining forces to support innovative research on combined biomass valorisation: 'Combined biomass valorisation to bioenergy, industrial feedstocks and bio-based products is vital to decrease Europe’s dependency on fossil-based raw materials, to improve the economic viability of bioenergy and to strengthen the creation of a bio-based circular economy. Innovative concepts and new technical solutions for the synergetic production of bioenergy, industrial feedstock and bio-based products have to be developed. These should improve the energy and biomass utilization efficiency and have benefits for economy, environment and society.'

On 22 October 2018 ERA-NETs Bioenergy and BESTF3 have opened a joint call for Research, Development & Innovation (R&D&I) proposals. The topic of the call is "Combined biomass valorisation to bioenergy, industrial feedstocks and bio-based products". The joint call aims to support innovative, collaborative pan-European, R&D&I projects, which should contribute to safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and economical bioenergy production in combination with the sustainable production of industrial feedstock or bio-based products. The focus is on technology readiness levels 2-7 (at the end of the funded project).

More than EUR 6 million public funding is available for this joint call from funding bodies in Austria, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands (the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. The submission of proposals follows a 2-step procedure. The due-date for pre-proposal submission is 29 January 2019.

On 27 November 2018, a networking webinar will be organised to give researchers the chance to interlink with each other and build consortia.

The Call Announcement as well as more information on terms and conditions are available on the website of ERA-NET Bioenergy and on the website of ERA-NET BESTF3

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