ERA-LEARN elaborates on Brexit consequences for ERA-NET Cofunds

What happens with UK participants and the ongoing ERA-NET Cofund actions they participate in, in case of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit? According to the short note that ERA-LEARN - the supporting structure for Public-to-Public cooperation - published recently, this could have consequences, both for the implementation of transnational EU co-funded projects as well as for additional activities. Worst-case, the costs incurred by UK partners after Brexit could in most cases no longer be eligible for EU funding. In EU co-funded calls, this applies to both the direct costs related to transnational projects and the direct coordination costs for additional activities (the so-called Unit costs).

In projects with only two partners, one of which is a UK member, a ‘no-deal’ Brexit could even mean consortia do not longer fullfill eligibility conditions of the ERA-Net Cofund Grant Agreement or the call published by the ERA-NET. Even if project costs for British partners in Horizon 2020 projects in the event of a ‘no-deal’ outcome will be covered by the British Government, the total amount of co-funding from the EU or the loss of eligibility can impact ERA-NETs. ERA-LEARN advices EU co-funded actions to analyse the impact of a ‘no-deal’ scenario on a case by case basis, once more guidance from the EU is available.

Download the document here or read it at the ERA-LEARN website


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