EJP Soil kicks off

The new European Joint Programme Cofund on Agricultural Soil Management recently held its kick-off meeting with the board of programme managers in Orleans. The overall goal of EJP Soil is to foster climate-smart sustainable agricultural soil management. The programme is integrating a wide network of existing national stakeholders to build a sustainable European integrated research system. The objectives of the programme are to develop knowledge, improved practices, technology and tools. To this end, a research community is brought together with the purpose of targeting climate change mitigation and adoption, sustainable agricultural production, eco-system services and soil degradation. The EJP is currently rolling out its Year One Roadmap, including an inventory of the research gaps and the knowledge needs, and stock taking of the current State-of-Art. During the kick-off meeting, possible research topics for the first internal joint call were prioritised.

More information is now available on the EJP Soil website.
Read this article for more information on the Dutch contribution to EJP Soil.

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