Contribute to the active and healthy ageing partnership proposal of AAL

The European Commission is currently considering how to meet the challenges of an ageing population and make the most of its many opportunities. It is expected that a new partnership programme will emerge from these deliberations that both funds research, as well as helps stimulating innovation in digital markets such as those in health and social care, the Internet of Things and home care and assistance – all in the context of ageing well. A new partnership is likely to pool together some of the European initiatives that currently address active and healthy ageing into a single, focused organisation to support the medical advances that help to extend the length of people’s lives with digital solutions that improve their quality of life. The Article 185 Initiative on Active Assisted Living (AAL) has been working over the last year to develop a proposal for a new partnership involving all stakeholders involved in active and healthy ageing.

AAL has opened an online consultation survey, calling on all those involved in active and healthy ageing to provide input and help shape the new EC programme on ageing well, in particular feedback from social and health care professionals, national and local authorities and businesses in the silver economy.

You can find the consultation survey and more information about AAL on their website.

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