Co-design sessions at the upcoming European Research and Innovation Days

From 24 until 26 September, the European Commission organises a major policy conference in Brussels, focussed on the preparation of the new Horizon Europe programme (HUE). The European Research and Innovation Days will form the setting in which the Commission will present and discuss HUE. In addition, some parts of the programme aim at strategic discussions in ‘co-design sessions’, thus presenting an opportunity for relevant stakeholders; in particular the scientific community, to deliver additional input to HUE. The new partnership approach will be part of the discussions, for example in this dedicated session: ‘European Partnerships: Impact for Society’Prior to the R&I Days, the Commission has opened a digital consultation round on HUE, that will close on September 8th.

The R&I Days will bring together high-level policy-makers, leaders from industry, finance, academia and the entrepreneurial community to debate and shape the future research and innovation landscape. It covers vital areas of science, engineering, medicine, and wider social and environmental concerns.

Registration is possible via the Commission website.

The public consultation as available via this link.

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