Joint research on the societal impact of climate change

A joint transnational call for proposals on ‘Societal transformations in the face of climate change’ (SOLSTICE) recently opened. Social Sciences and Humanities are invited to take the lead in submitting proposals that address the societal impact of climate change. Transformational change requires innovative approaches and novel interdisciplinary collaboration. Therefore, inclusion of those who are not traditional participants in climate change research, as well as outreach to non-scientific societal actors is encouraged. Research proposals should address one or more of the following topics: 

  • Social justice and participation
  • Sense making, cultural meaning and risk perception
  • Transformative finance and economy

 SOLSTICE is launched by the Joint Programming Initiative ‘Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe’ (JPI Climate). It consists of ten European countries (Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Norway and the UK), bringing together a budget close to EUR 7 million. The submission platform is online and deadline for proposal submission is the 3rd of February 2020.

Learn more about the call and the full scope of our topics via the SOLSTICE webpage.

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