BiodivERsA will support research on Biodiversity & Health

BiodivERsA has identified Biodiversity & Health as an important topic and launched a call on "Biodiversity and its influence on animal, human and plant health" on 1 October 2018. The call aims at supporting transnational research projects jointly addressing issues at the nexus of biodiversity and animal, human and/ or plant health across the different relevant spatial, and temporal scales in an effort to support evidence-based decision-making. Transdisciplinary approaches contributing to policy coherence across sectors are encouraged.

The call addresses the following major themes:

  • Relationship between biological diversity and animal, human and/or plant health: effects and underlying mechanisms
  • Understanding and predicting the integrated effects of global change factors on biodiversity-related health issues
  • Valuing/ qualifying biodiversity benefits to animal, human and plant health, and promoting health-friendly biodiversity status as well as biodiversity-based health status

In addition, the intention is also to fund proposals specifically focusing on biodiversity-health relations in European overseas (for areas eligible to this call).

The call includes two actions, supporting two different types of research projects:
Action A will support research projects generating new knowledge in particular based on the production of new primary data
Action B will support research synthesis projects that perform research and answer research questions by using existing datasets

17 Funding organisations from 12 countries are joining this call and have provisionally reserved more than EUR 9 million for this call: Austria, Belgium (including specific participation of Wallonia and Flanders)*, Bulgaria*, Estonia*, France (including specific participation of Région Guadeloupe** and Région Réunion*), Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Romania* Slovakia, and Switzerland.
* Participation pending final decision (please click here for an updated list of participating countries and regions)
** Region Guadeloupe may allow the participation of teams from the Caribbean basin

Submission of pre-proposals closes on 16 November 2018.

More information can be found on the BiodivERsA website: news about the launch of the call
The main call document can be downloaded from the page with the complete announcement

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