Baltic bioeconomy and EU research policy

A high-level meeting to inform policy makers, institute directors, experts, and stakeholders involved in agricultural research and innovation was organised in Riga by the Latvian Academy of Sciences and the three Baltic Agricultural Ministries, supported by SCAR CASA. The aims were to inform on policy making, to strengthen cooperation, and to foster Baltic engagement in European research policy making.

The Standing Committee on Agricultural Research (SCAR) is recognized by the European Commission and Member States as valuable coordination and advisory body on agricultural research and bioeconomy development. The Latvian Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the Latvian Ministry of Agriculture, Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture, and Estonian Ministry of Rural Affairs, supported by SCAR CASA Coordination and Support Action, organize jointly a Baltic SCAR Workshop. The overall aim of the meeting is to promote the outcomes of SCAR, increase its visibility and the engagement of national stakeholders.

The specific objectives of the meeting were:

  • inform policy makers, researchers and stakeholders involved in agricultural research and innovation about SCAR, explaining opportunities and advantages of being actively involved in the SCAR bodies and initiatives;
  • to initiate discussion on needs/gaps of national Bioeconomy Strategies;
  • to activate support mechanisms for Baltic countries, drawn among others on good practices, expertise and guidance;
  • to foster preparation / implementation of dedicated Bioeconomy Strategies in the Baltic counties, thereby increasing the number of EU Member States with a national Bioeconomy Strategy;
  • to strengthen Baltic international cooperation.

There were 54 participants in total, from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, representing Ministries, Universities, Academy of Science, Research Institutions, Bioeconomy research centres, business sector and other stakeholders. Participants gained a better knowledge of the SCAR system and activities while contributing to the discussion on bioeconomy strategies with their perspectives, expertise and knowledge.

The meeting in Riga was the seventh and last of a series of meetings to raise visibility about SCAR and its activities and to increase engagement. Earlier meetings were organised in Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Poland.

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