The joint programming process brings together policy makers, funders and researchers to create a common vision and set priorities for research and research policy. Modes of participation range from partaking in scoping sessions to the establishment of joint research agenda's and joint research programmes, or in actual research resulting from a joint call.

In this section of the website we like to share stories - through a series of interviews - where Dutch policy makers and experts from Wageningen University and Research share their experiences and views.


FACCE-JPI Workshop on Technologies and Big Data provides input to next steps for joint programming 
Interview with Karin Andeweg, Wageningen Livestock Research, November 2017, HvK.

ERA-NET project enables inclusive approach of behavioral problems of pigs
Interview with Hans Spoolder, Wageningen Livestock Research, July 2017, HvK.

ERA-NET project starts integrated assessment of free walk farming systems spread over Europe 
Interview with Abele Kuipers,
Wageningen Economic Research & Paul Galama, Wageningen Livestock Research, June 2017, HvK.

Farming systems for adaptation to climate change
Interview with Walter Rossing, Wageningen University - Plant Sciences, October 2015, HvK.

FACCE JPI: Successful European cooperation
Interview with Louis Fliervoet, Ministry of Economic Affairs, July 2015, HvK.

Repotentiating Beat lactam antibiotics (REBEL)
Interview with Mariël Pikkemaat, RIKILT, June 2015, HvK.

Urban Europe Research Alliance: new research network for thriving communities and their environment
Interview with Wim de Haas, Wageningen Environmental Research,
January 2015, EvG.

CHeriScape integrates different scientific disciplines, leading to innovative partnerships
Interview with Bas Pedroli
, Wageningen Environmental Research, January 2015, DdH.

FOODBALL identifies and validates food biomarkers to improve quality of dietary assessment globally
Interview with Edith Feskens, Wageningen University - Agrotechnology and Food Sciences, January 2015, DdH.

International project funded by FACCE-JPI and the Belmont forum builds community to meet future food challenges
Interview with Katrien Termeer, Wageningen University - Social Sciences & Kasper Kok
, Wageningen University - Environmental Sciences, January 2015, EvG.

International programme brings together scientists and national funding agencies from around the globe Interview with Wim van der Putten, Wageningen University - Plant Sciences, December 2014, EvG.

Modelling European Agriculture with Climate Change for Food Security
Interview with Floor Brouwer, Wageningen Economic Research, Nove
mber 2014, EvG.