JPI Oceans Annual Activities 2014

This Annual Activities report provides an overview of the activities conducted through JPI Oceans in 2014 which includes news about:

The network of JPI Oceans

Over the last year there have been several changes to the governance of JPI Oceans. A new Chair and Vice-Chair were elected to the Management Board and Greece formally joined JPI Oceans as a Member Country.

Ongoing activities

JPI Oceans has several ongoing activities in different areas. The four Pilot Actions continue to develop and test new tools for implementation. The CSA Oceans project delivered several key deliverables which will be used support the future activates of JPI Oceans. The Member Countries of JPI Oceans also decided to work towards a Cofund through Horizon 2020, details about this can be found in the report.

International cooperation

There have been several attempts to establish JPI Oceans at the international level. During the last year it participated in several meetings discussing the Transatlantic Cooperation and the Joint Science and Technology Cooperation Committee New Zealand.

Communications and outreach

In 2014, JPI Oceans launched its new website as a platform to inform stakeholders about all aspects of JPI Oceans.

JPI Oceans will continue to build on its ongoing activities and develop new actions. It has recently published its first Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This will set the agenda for JPI Oceans in the coming years; it presents ten Strategic Areas in which JPI Oceans will develop new actions.

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