Improving Science - ­Policy Interfaces: Recommendations for JPI Oceans

CSA Oceans has published its recommendations to JPI Oceans on how to improve science-policy interfaces in Europe.

The report presents five examples of science-policy mechanisms to explore how they work and what makes them effective. It also investigates new technologies, methodologies and approaches which could be used by JPI Oceans to improve science-policy interfaces. Finally, it discusses actions which could be initiated by JPI Oceans to add value and avoid duplication what already exists.

By using specific examples of existing projects and initiatives, this deliverable aims to provide JPI Oceans with both the theoretical and practical aspects of the science-policy interface. It should also encourage JPI Oceans to use and develop innovative technologies and approaches when it considers how best to bridge the gap between scientists and policy makers.

The recommendations can be found at the JPI Oceans' website

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