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Interview with Prof Wim van der Putten (Wageningen UR)

"I was asked to join the SMARTS2 project on improving smallholders' life in India, so they can adapt to climate change. The question came from agronomic, social and economic scientists, from Japan and Hawaii, I had never met before. The project is funded by a programme I had never heard of either: the Belmont Forum/FACCE-JPI Food Security and Land-Use Change programme. Projects do not usually start like this, because most of them are initiated through my network and funded by national funding agencies, the EU, or ERC. But I gladly accepted the invitation', says Wim van der Putten (Wageningen UR/ Head of Department Terrestrial Ecology, NIOO).

The SMARTS2 project aims to demonstrate how conservation agriculture, technology, and fore-knowledge of climate variation (e.g. water availability) can be integrated with small landholder farmers' existing knowledge and behaviours to increase adaptation to climate change. A better understanding of behaviour will lead to a greater adoption of conservation agricultural production systems that are resilient to climate change and will provide rural farmers with tools for self-reliance.

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