Joint Call

The JPICH Digital Heritage Call is the first of a series of 4 joint transnational calls within the context of the JPI Cultural Heritage. The call was formally published on 24 April 2017. Of the 34 proposals submitted to the call, 11 were recommended for funding. Because of the limited amount of funding not all interesting and valuable applications could be supported. As a result, 8 transnational research projects in the JPI Cultural Heritage programme will receive funding (around EUR 4 000 000 in total), and start in 2018. More information about the call and the funded projects can be found on the JPICH website.


"CHeriScape integrates different scientific disciplines, leading to innovative partnerships"; Interview with Dr Bas Pedroli. He is one of the partners in “Cultural Heritage in Landscape” (CHeriScape), a landscape-focussed international network funded as part of the transnational pilot call of the European Joint Programming Initiative on Cultural Heritage.

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