JPI Climate is working on two new funding activities

JPI Climate is currently working on the implementation of 2 joint funding activities:

Transnational consortia were already selected in the context of the 1st joint call, and the eligible transdisciplinary research projects will start in autumn 2014.

In 2015, an ERA-Net on integrated quality climate services will be launched, with financial support from the European Commission. Closer cooperation with the international high-level group "Belmont Forum" as well as with the research initiative "Future Earth" are being discussed.

At internal level, a new permanent Central Secretariat has been set up in September 2014 in Brussels. JPI Climate is also currently developing its Implementation Plan and its liaison strategy, and has revised its own governance strategy. Regarding the latter, the network is decidedly working towards the practical implementation of its governance principles, particularly those related to transparency (i.e. Access to Knowledge, Open Access/Open Data) and sustainability (i.e. "Climate-Friendly Climate Research").

For further information about JPI Climate's key documents please refer to this link: or the JPI Climate's website

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