AXIS call on "Climate Impact Research, Economic Assessment and Pathways to Sustainability" open

The ERA-NET Consortium AXIS (Assessment of Cross(X)-sectoral climate Impacts and pathways for Sustainable transformation) was created to promote cross-boundary, cross-community research with the overall goal to improve coherence, integration and robustness of climate impact research and connect it to societal needs. AXIS is one of the implementation actions of JPI Climate and aims to overcome boundaries between science communities through promoting inter- or transdisciplinary research projects.

AXIS has launched a call for proposals on 9 April 2018. It is supported by 10 funding organisations from 9 European countries, including Dutch funder "Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek" (NWO). AXIS is cofunded as an ERA-NET Cofund action under the European Union´s Horizon 2020 Framework Program (Grant Agreement number 776608). The call has an indicative budget of €15 – 17 million to support international research projects of a duration of up to 3 years. There is room for 4 to 5 projects with Dutch participation and 1 post-doc position is available for each project.

The AXIS call is structured into three interlinked themes:
1. Cross-sectoral and cross-scale climate change impact assessments
2. Integration of biophysical climate change impact estimates with economic models
3. Developing pathways to achieve the long-term objectives of the Paris Agreement, taking into account interactions with SDGs closely linked to SDG 13 (“climate action”).

Pre-registration closes on 18 June 2018 and of full proposal submission on 8 October 2018.

More information can be found on the JPI Climate website

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