ERA-NET Plus under Framework Programme 7

In Framework Programme 7 (FP7) the ERA-NET instrument achieves the objective of developing and strengthening the coordination of national and regional research programmes through two specific actions: 

  • 'ERA-NET actions' – providing a framework for actors implementing public research programmes to coordinate their activities, e.g. by developing joint activities or by mutually supporting joint calls for transnational proposals. 
  • 'ERA-NET Plus actions' – providing, in a limited number of cases with high European added value, additional EU financial support to facilitate joint calls for proposals between national and/or regional programmes.

ERA-NET Plus, new under FP7, followed the ‘rules of five’: a minimum of five participants from five different Member or Associated States; a joint call of at least five million euros; a maximum duration of five years. A total of twenty-two ERA-NET Plus actions were funded. The Community top-up funding of calls implemented by these Plus actions sums up to around 154 M€. A similar amount of budget was used for coordination of these networks.

Table of FP7 ERA-NET+ actions and further information  

AREA indicates specific programme, COORDINATION: TRANS=Transport, KBBE=Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology; GA=General Activities; ENV=Environment; NMP=Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies; EN=Energy; ICT=Information and communication technologie; SSH=Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities; INCO=International Cooperation. 

YES in the FP6 column means follow-up of an FP6 ERA-NET. Where FP7 is indicated, it is a follow-up of an FP7 ERA-NET. The PLATFORM-DB2_button.png-button in the DB column links to the PLATFORM database, an online repository with data from public-public partnerships in the bioeconomy area with tools that provide insights on network, organisation, and country levels and allow access to description of calls and projects.

BESTF EN NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png BioEnergy Sustaining the Future
BESTF2 EN FP7  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png BioEnergy Sustaining the Future
BiophotonicsPlus ICT NO   Biophotonics
BONUS+ GA YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Baltic Sea research
CORE Organic + KBBE FP7  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Organic food and farming research coordination 
Electromobility+ TRANS NO   Electromobility ERA-NET
ERA-Net.RUS+ INCO FP7   Further linking Russia to the ERA
ERASysBio + GA YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Consolidation of systems biology research
FACCE ERA-NET+ KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Climate Smart Agriculture
HERA JRP CE SSH FP7    Multi-disciplinary research into the causes and consequences of cultural encounters
Cultural heritage and global change research
Implementing metrology in the ERA
Infrastructure innovation
NANOSCI-EPLUS NMP YES   Nanoscience in the ERA 
NEWA EN NO   Wind energy generation research
NORFACE+ SSH FP7   Transnational programme on migration in Europe
OLAE+ ICT NO   Organic and large electronics research
PIANO+ ICT NO   Photonics-based internet access research
SEE-ERANET+ INCO YES   Further integrating South-east European research institutes
WOODWISDOM-NET+ NMP FP7  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Networking and integration in the area of wood material science and engineering
WSF SSH NO   The development of welfare states (WSF is a separate Norface ERA-NET+ action)