ERA-NETs under Framework Programme 7

In Framework Programme 7 (FP7) the ERA-NET instrument achieves the objective of developing and strengthening the coordination of national and regional research programmes through two specific actions: 

  • 'ERA-NET actions' – providing a framework for actors implementing public research programmes to coordinate their activities, e.g. by developing joint activities or by mutually supporting joint calls for transnational proposals. 
  • 'ERA-NET Plus actions' – providing, in a limited number of cases with high European added value, additional EU financial support to facilitate joint calls for proposals between national and/or regional programmes.

Under FP7 a total of 82 ERA-NET actions were funded: 31 of the initial FP6 contracts received further funding and 51 ERA-NETs started under FP7 on topics that were not previously covered.

Table of FP7 ERA-NET actions and further information  

AREA indicates specific programme, COORDINATION: HOR=Horizontal; TRANS=Transport, KBBE=Food, Agriculture and Fisheries and Biotechnology; GA=General Activities; SD=Sustainable Development; ENV=Environment; H=Health; NMP=Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and New Production Technologies; INF=Infrastructures; EN=Energy; ICT=Information and communication technologie; SSH=Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities; INCO=International Cooperation. OTHER: SEC= Security; SIS=Science in society; SME=Specific programme SME; INFRA= Specific programme capacities, Research infrastructures; SSP= Specific Support Action.

YES in the FP6 column means follow-up of an FP6 ERA-NET. Where FP7 is indicated, it is a follow-up of an FP7 ERA-NET. The PLATFORM-DB2_button.png-button in the DB column links to the PLATFORM database, an online repository with data from public-public partnerships in the bioeconomy area with tools that provide insights on network, organisation, and country levels and allow access to description of calls and projects.

AERTOs  HOR NO   Cooperation with science and business to deliver impact on the EU innovation system.
AirTN TRANS YES   Aeronautics ERA-NET
ANIHWA KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Animal health and welfare
ARIMNet KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean
ARIMNet 2 KBBE FP7  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordination of Agricultural Research in the Mediterranean
ASPERA-2 GA YES   Astroparticle ERA-NET
ASTRONET FP7 INF YES   Strategic planning for European astronomy
BiodivErSA2 ENV YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Cooperation and shared strategies for biodiversity research programmes in Europe
BS-ERA.NET   NO   Network on science and technology in the Baltic Sea area
CAPITA NMP NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Catalytic Processes for Innovative Technology Applications
CHIST-ERA ICT NO   Long-term challenges in information and communication sciences and technologies
CHIST-ERA-2 ICT FP7   Long-term challenges in information and communication sciences and technologies
C-IPM  KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordinated Integrated Pest Management in Europe
CIRCLE-2 ENV YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Climate Impact Research coordination for a Larger Europe
COFASP KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png European research on sustainable exploitation of marine resources in the seafood chains
CONCERT-Japan INCO NO   Connecting and coordinating European research and technology development with Japan
CORE Organic II KBBE YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Organic food and farming research coordination 
CORNET II SME YES   Collective research ERA-NET
CROSSTEXNET NMP NO   Textiles research
DC-NET INFRA NO   Digital cultural heritage
ECO-INNOVERA ENV NO   Eco-innovations, green technologies
e-InfraNET INFRA NO   E-infrastructures integration
EMIDA KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordination of European Research on Emerging and Major Infectious Diseases of Livestock
ERA-AGE 2 GA YES   Ageing research in the ERA
ERA-ARD-II KBBE YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Agricultural research for development dimension of the ERA
ERACAPS KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Collaboration in plant sciences
ERACOBUILD NMP YES   Construction and operation of buildings
ERA-ENV HEALTH ENV NO   Coordination of National Environment and Health Research Programmes
ERAFRICA INCO NO   Developing African-European collaboration for science and technology
ERA-IB-2 KBBE YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Towards an ERA in industrial biotechnology 
ERA-INSTRUMENTS INFRA NO   Infrastructure funding in the life sciences
ERA-LEARN   NO   Supporting the ERA-NET Learning Platform by Creating a Toolbox for the ERA-NET community
ERA-MBT KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Maine Biotechnology 
ERA-MIN NMP NO   Development of the European non-energy mineral raw materials research area
ERANet-LAC INCO NO   Network of EU, Latin America and Caribbean countries on joint innovation and research activities 
ERANETMED INCO NO   Enhance Euro-Mediterranean co-ownership in the societal challenges of the region
ERA-Net.RUS INCO NO   Linking Russia to the ERA
ERANID SSH NO   Network on illicit drugs
E-RARE II HEALTH YES   Research programmes on rare diseases
ERA-ROAD (ENR-II) TRANS YES   Coordination and implementation of road research in Europe
EraSME2 SME YES   Innovation networking and cooperation between SMEs and research organisations
ERASynBio KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Promote development of synthetic biology
ERASysAPP KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Systems biology applications
ERNEST GA     Sustainable tourism
ETB-PRO KBBE YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png European network of transnational collaborative RTD for SME projects in the field of biotechnology
EUPHRESCO-II KBBE YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordination of European phytosanitary (statutory plant health)research 
EUROCOURSE HEALTH NO   Optimisation of the Use of Registries for Scientific Excellence in Research
EURONANOMED NMP NO   Transnational Collaborative RTD Projects in the Field of Nanomedicine
EURONANOMED-II NMP FP7   Transnational Collaborative RTD Projects in the Field of Nanomedicine
EU-SEC II SEC YES   Coordination of national security programmes on security during major events in Europe
FLAG-ERA ICT NO   Set up mechanisms to facilitate integration of nationally funded research into the Flagship work plan 
FORESTERRA KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Forest research in the Mediterrenean region
GENDER-NET SIS NO   Participation of women in research and innovation
Geothermal ERA-NET EN NO   A coherent European geothermal R&D program
HERA JRP GA YES   Research programmes on cultural dynamics and creativity and innovation
HIVERA HEALTH NO   HIV/AIDS research coordination
ICT-AGRI GA NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Research within ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and related environmental issues
ICT-AGRI-2 KBBE FP7  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Research within ICT and Robotics in Agriculture and related environmental issues
INCOMERA NMP NO   Innovation and commercialisation in the NMP thematic area
INFECT-ERA HEALTH NO   Infectious diseases research
INNO-INDIGO INCO NO   EU-India collaboration in research and innovation
KorANET INCO NO   Intensify and Strengthen the Regional S&T-Cooperation between Korea and the ERA
LEAD-ERA GA NO   Lead Market European Research Area Network
MANUNET-II NMP YES   Regionally based research on new processes and flexible intelligent manufacturing systems 
MARTEC-II   YES   Marine technologies
M-ERA.NET MNP NO   Materials science and engineering
MNT-II NMP YES   Micro and Nano Technologies for a Highly Competitive European Industry
NET-HERITAGE EN NO   Protection of Tangible Cultural Heritage
NETWATCH SSP NO   Development of a central information platform for ERA-NETs under ERAWATCH
NEURON-II HEALTH YES   Basic, clinical and translational research in the diverse fields of disease-related neuroscience
New INDIGO INNO FP7   Development and Integration of Indian and European Research
NORFACE II SSH YES   Strategy for funding of social sciences
NORDERA SSP NO   Lessons learnt from Nordic research coordination in the context of the ERA
NuPNET INFRA NO   Nuclear physics
Presto GMO KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Effects of GMOs on human and animal health, the environment, and techno- economics and societies
RURAGRI KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Facing sustainability: new relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe
SAFERA NMP NO   Industrial safety towards smart and sustainable growth
SEAS-ERA ENV NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Integrated European marine research strategy and programmes
SEERA-EI INFRA NO   South East European Research Area for eInfrastructures
SIINN NMP NO   Coordinate nanoscience and nanotechnology (N&N) research into industrial application
SmartGrids EN NO   Smartgrids ERA-NET
SOLAR-ERA.NET EN NO   Solar electricity generation
SUMFOREST KBBE NO  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Sustainable and multifunctional forestry
SUSFOOD KBBE NO   PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Sustainable food production and consumption
THE HOUSE SEC NO   Research cooperation on security at major events
TRANSCAN HEALTH NO   Coordination of translational cancer research
WOODWISDOM-NET 2 NMP  YES  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Networking and integration in the area of wood material science and engineering