ERA-NETs under Framework Programme 6 

The original objective of ERA-NET in Framework Programme 6 (FP6) was to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level in the Member States and Associated States through a single action to support:

  • the networking of research activities conducted at national or regional level, and
  • the mutual opening of national and regional research programmes.

The FP6 ERA-NET instrument enabled national systems to take on tasks collectively that they would not have been able to tackle independently. ERA-NETs also provided a long-term perspective for networking and mutual opening-up, while allowing a rather large degree of freedom  with respect to the different ways that research is organised in different Member States and Associated States.

Under FP6 a total of seventy-one ERA-NETs were funded and the total amount of funding ERA-NETs have received for coordination was 185 M€.


Table of all FP6 ERA-NETs and further information  

AREA explains the area of research: EE=Environment and Energy; FR=Fundamental Research; I= International; HSS=Humanities and Social Sciences; ITT=Industry, Technology and Transport; LS=Life Sciences. The PLATFORM-DB2_button.png-button in the DB column links to the PLATFORM database, an online repository with data from public-public partnerships in the bioeconomy area with tools that provide insights on network, organisation, and country levels and allow access to description of calls and projects.

ACENET  ITT  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Applied catalysis ERA-NET
AirTN ITT   Aeronautics ERA-NET
ALLIANCE-0 LS   Organ donation and transplantation coordination
AMPERA EE   Accidental marine pollution
ASPERA FR   Astroparticle ERA-NET
ASTRONET FR   Strategic planning for European astronomy
BIODIVERSA EE  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Biodiversity and ecosystem services across European countries and territories
BIOENERGY EE  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Bioenergy
BONUS EE  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Baltic Sea research
CIRCLE  EE  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Climate Impact Research coordination for a Larger Europe
CoCanCPG LS   Coordination of cancer clinical practice guidelines research in Europe
COMPERA ITT   Creation and support of 'Competence and Research Centres'
Complexity-NET FR   Developing ERA-NET on complexity sciences
CO-REACH I   Coordination of research between Europe and China
CORE Organic FR  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Organic food and farming research coordination 
CORNET ITT   Collective research ERA-NET
CRUE  EE   Flood risk management
ECORD  EE   Ocean research drilling
ERA-AGE LS   Ageing research in the ERA
ERA-ARD I  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Agricultural research for development dimension of the ERA
ERABUILD ITT   Sustainable construction and operation of buildings
ERA-CHEMISTRY FR   Implementation of joint bottom-up European programmes in Chemistry
ERA-IB LS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Towards an ERA in industrial biotechnology 
ERA-PG LS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png European research area plant genomics
E-RARE LS   Research programmes on rare diseases
ERA-ROAD ITT   Coordination and implementation of road research in Europe
ERA-SAGE HSS   Societal aspects of genomics
EraSME ITT   Innovation networking and cooperation between SMEs and research organisations
ERA-SPOT ITT   Strengthening photonics and optical technologies for Europe
ERA-STAR REGIONS ITT   Space technologies application and research for the regions and medium-sized countries
ERASysBio LS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Systems biology: convergence of life sciences with information technology and systems sciences 
ETRANET ITT   ICT in traditional manufacturing industries ERA-NET
EULANEST I   European - Latin American network for science and technology
EUPHRESCO LS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Coordination of European phytosanitary (statutory plant health)research 
EUROPOLAR  EE   Network of European polar RTD programmes
EUROTRANS-BIO HSS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png European network of transnational collaborative RTD for SME projects in the field of biotechnology
EURYI HSS   European young investigators awards
EU-SEC I   Coordination of nationla security programmes on security during major events in Europe
EUWI  EE   Water science for the developing world
FENCO-ERA  EE   Fossile Energy Technologies towards Zero Emission Power Plant
FORSOCIETY HSS   Foresight and society ERA-NET
HERA HSS   Humanities in the ERA
HESCULAEP LS   Health emergency national & regional programmes for an improved coordination in pre-hospital settings
HY-CO  EE   Hydrogen and Fuel Cell ERA-NET
iMERA ITT   Implementing metrology in the ERA
INNER  EE   Innovative energy research
IWRM.Net-CA  EE   Improving dissemination of Integrated Water Resources Management research outcomes 
MANUNET ITT   Regionally based research on new processes and flexible intelligent manufacturing systems 
MariFish  EE   PLATFORM-DB2_button.png European Marine Fisheries Research coordination
MARINERA  EE    Coordination of national and regional marine RTD activities in Europe
MARTEC ITT   Marine technologies
MNT-ERA ITT   From icro- and nanoscale science to new technologies for Europe
NanoSci-ERA ITT   Nanoscience in the ERA
NET-BIOME  EE    (sub-)Tropical biodiversity research in outmost regions of Europe in support of sustainable development
NEURON LS   Basic, clinical and translational research in the diverse fields of disease-related neuroscience
NEW OSH ERA HSS   New and emerging risks in occupational safety and health (OSH)
NORFACE HSS   Strategy for funding of social sciences
PathoGenoMics LS   Genome sequencing and functional genomics of human-pathogenic microorganisms
PRIOMEDCHILD LS   Coordination of research on priority medicines for children
PV-ERA-NET SP1  EE    Integration of national & regional programmes in the field of solar photovoltaic (PV) solar energy
SAFEFOODERA LS  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Food safety - forming a European platform for protecting consumers against health risks
SEE-ERA-NET I   South-east European ERA-NET
SKEP  EE    Scientific knowledge for environmental protection
SNOWMAN  EE   PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Sustainable management of soil and groundwater, soil pollution
SUSPRISE ITT   Sustainable enterprise ERA-NET
URBAN-NET HSS   Coordination of funding for urban research
VISION ITT   Shared knowledge base for sustainable innovation policies
WOODWISDOM-NET ITT  PLATFORM-DB2_button.png Networking and integration in the area of wood material science and engineering
WORK-IN-NET HSS   Work-oriented innovations: better employment, cohesion and competetiveness